I accompanied a psychic named Adilar over the past few weeks. We lived in the middle of the Amazon rain forest. She was working with NGOs on bio-diversity protection and had received threats from the indigenous people. The organization sent me here to keep an eye on her as she is one of their telepaths.

Before my arrival, a former mercenary, Taylor Rain, was at her side, protecting her from various dangers. This tall guy, with a rare intelligence, had discovered fairly quickly Adilar’s extraordinary ability. She felt the environment around her with an almost primal instinct. She felt deep within herself, its upheavals, its balance, its struggles and its rhythms. As Taylor became aware of Adilar’s capabilities, the Organization had only two choices. Eliminate or recruit him.

I think his skill and his profile played an important role in that choice, but the emotional bond uniting Taylor and Adilar validated the final decision. The ranks of the Organization’s henchmen has increased considerably in recent times. The Organization is now recruiting numbers for something we know nothing of. We’ll see. However it does not hire former mercenaries for fun. If a secret society is surrounded by so many fighters, it’s probably in response to a threat or wants to promote a show of force. Anyway, Taylor Rain is now known among us by the gentle sobriquet of ‘God’s Thunder’. The Organization’s creative minds do not break their heads to find codenames. Rain, Thunder, Easy choice!

Adilar is a very charming, young, altruistic telepath. Her smile always gives courage to all those who share her daily life. She is considerate, caring and makes every effort to help anyone who asks for it. She and Taylor appear to be related in some singular way. A union which makes me remember of those that were described by Jefe Muerto when I was in the southern United States. I do not think they are a couple, because they do not share the same bedroom, but they do complement each other perfectly.

Adilar is soft and radiant and Taylor is quiet and efficient. His powerful muscles combined with a cool outlook give the impression that he is in total control of his aggressiveness. If I were to oversimplify, I would say that Taylor is, by his wish, serving Adilar in return for her natural and contagious serenity. This completeness between the two of them looks like a natural, divinely woven thread.

That day, Adilar was particularly uncomfortable. She told me that something bad would happen. It felt like a distress call from nature itself. Shortly after, a cloud of ash and the smell of smoke told us that a significant portion of the forest was burning. A few hours later, we could see the extent of the damage. Acres of forest ash replaced the tress that once stood here. A strong smell of smoked wood overcame everything else, and traces of human activity indicated the reason for the fire.

Shocked, Adilar couldn’t stop crying before the charred remains. Nevertheless, she did not want to blame anyone in particular. She understood, but this could in no way diminished the pain she felt. She explained the economic constraints of the Brazilian inhabitants and the result on the environment. Cattle require more pasture to grow. Deforestation allows increased land use for the beef trade. Brazil wanted to remain the leading exporter of beef in the world. Demand was becoming increasingly important for meat and leather and industrialized countries ensured the survival of many farmers, which in turn forced them to constantly seek new pastures. Very big brands use these hides to satisfy the world’s desires. The global economic dynamic destroys the forests vital for the survival of the planet. It is obviously impossible to ask a country to abandon its main source of income, it would be too easy, just as it is stupid to accuse Brazil of being solely responsible for the deforestation.

Solutions that can protect the environment could be put in place, but it meant a financial collaboration of all the rich countries. As you may imagine, the few billion dollars needed to preserve a vital ecosystem for all, will probably never materialise. After all, what does it matter to us if this unique biodiversity is destroyed? What is the environmental balance on which we all depend, in front of the pleasure of constantly buying new leather shoes which we do not always need? Or to eat meat at every meal? I found no answer to her tears. Nothing else to do but stare at my own leather shoes now covered with the ashes of so many fallen trees.

December 18, 2009.

I returned to France shortly afterwards and I took a week off to think about recent events. The result did not please me. Nothing seemed to have meaning in my life. I suppose my questions and my doubts have created a fertile ground for a new meeting with Angelina.

One night, I again experienced the strange journey. This electrical vibration crossing my body, followed again by an impression of moving very fast indicated to me that the trip had begun. The feeling was less unpleasant than before. One second later, I found myself atop a dune in a place completely deserted. The red light indicated that the sun would go down soon. I do not know in which of the world’s deserts I was, but I did not care. A light and delicate hand rested gently on my shoulder, then she sat down beside me and smiled. I wanted to see her again. I needed to see her again.

Watching her slender figure, wearing a simple dress she captivated my heart. Although very pretty, I did not feel any sexual attraction towards her, unlike many women before. Rather, if sexual attraction was there, other feelings towards her took over. Her mere presence was enough to bring me what I had always sought. Peace of mind.

‘I am happy to see you’ she said. Her sparkling eyes spoke more clearly than her words. The excitement overwhelmed us both. I think I had tears of joy in my eyes. The light suddenly seemed to grow all around us, unless it came from the sun. I felt bathed in this light that made the daylight seemed dull. I think it was originally from her but nothing could prove this. The air around us seemed to shine. The horizon, despite the drop in the sun, could hide nothing from us. It was unbelievable. I was contemplating the world as I had never done before. Everything shone, dazzlingly. Everything seemed united by this divine light. Although no special thought crossed my mind, everything made sense here. The mental blank was nothing like an artificial form of intoxication. Everything seemed so natural, so normal. I felt myself without limits… being at one with everything.

How could I express in words this dynamic vacuum that was in me? How could I describe this feeling of perfection that filled my body and mind? By what means could I explain the abandonment of a part of me that seemed to open my heart and mind to the entire universe? Then, a gentle breeze on our faces reminded us that the world had not stopped.

The next morning, I found myself in my room, as if it had all been a dream. Ulric Panopeus came to see me without warning. I was not even surprised by his visit. I don’t know why, but It seemed to me… predictable.

His coffee in hand, he was waiting patiently until I asked about the purpose of his visit. I did not want to play cat and mouse. Besides, there was no doubt that he would only reveal to me that which suited him. I do not know if my journey to see Angelina had changed me in anyway whatsoever, but my patience now seemed unlimited. Panopeus probably perceived that because he decided to break our petty conversation to tell me the reason of his presence.

‘The TIK you discovered in London does not come from Organization’s labs. Someone has found a way to steal the technology and apply it to civil versions’. He was speaking quietly, a little cold, I felt no anxiety in his voice. ‘The organization believes that a criminal group owns clandestine laboratories somewhere in the USA. Other agents have seized stock like you did in London, major stocks of TIK have been found throughout the world capitals’. I replied. ‘In a nutshell, you’re here to tell me that it will be war between them and the Organization… Like two drug traffickers fighting to supply a huge market’. The dark look he gave me told me that my analogy did not please him. It did not matter to me. He was there to tell me they would send me to fight to the death. The only question that interested me a little was… Why he said this here and not during a meeting with other agents? All things considered, I did not care about that either.

While listening to him explaining to me the various places where TIK competitors had emerged, I compared the attitude of Angelina and Panopeus. The deep motivations of each of them appeared clearly in their minds. Angelina radiated wisdom, spontaneity and sweetness, while Panopeus knowledge held by these visions, the substantial resources through the organization and his constant attempts of manipulation of people and events according to his vision of the future of humanity. I realised they were complete opposites.

Panopeus was clearly waiting for my first reaction, after the news of TIK spreading and the effect this would have on the Organisation. Reaction… the reaction I decided not to have! I just thought of Ivana, Angelina and all the sweet and peaceful people that I knew. To all those people who would surely never take up arms to defend themselves. I think it was at this moment that I made a decision. Every person on the planet was acting as a predator of something, in a world becoming smaller and smaller. Predators of the environment, of bio diversity, of natural resources, of territories, of cultures and beliefs. I was now sure that nobody wanted to peacefully accept anyone else. What would that lead to? Inevitably, war!!! Lives will disappear, races will disappear, cultures will disappear. Until a new equilibrium is restored. I just hope there will remain a place for the human race in this new balanced environment.

A terrible storm is brewing. A storm of unprecedented violence. A global storm. And I will be there.