The funeral of Julian Domy had just ended. Obviously, not a word about his true profession or on the actual circumstances of his death. The official version will be, he was working for an NGO during his untimely death. We are already in a private jet owned by the Organization. Destination Japan!


After the traditional verse on Julian and his status of being unique and exceptional, we will hire a new mercenary to replace him. I am tired of all this double talk by politicians and leaders of men. Their manipulating words and their hypocrisy makes me want to vomit! What I dislike most, is that we always want to believe them!

The new recruit is code named ‘NeoGun’. According to her profile and photo, she is 22 years old, rather pretty. She is part of the Yakusa, but seems to disagree with her employers. I do not know for sure if the organization has any links to the Yakuza, but I am guessing so. In any case, this information must come from a good source. I think someone wants Neogun to disappear for some reason. Bingo… a further note says she killed a VIP without waiting for permission from her superiors. Useful Information… A tendency to disobey and do as she pleases!


On landing, we learn that north Japan had just suffered a magnitude 7 earthquake. A tsunami warning was in place. Welcome to the Pacific Ring of Fire. Japan suffers 20% of the planet’s most powerful earthquakes, so we should be prepared. A Vehicle was waiting for us straight off the plane. Certain rules and procedures do not concern us. We are 7 VIP’s passengers. No need to go through border control.

George Handel is with us. He leaves his post as supreme commander of  the BPC (Black Protectors Corp owned by the Organization) only very rarely. I suppose NeoGun is not a sufficient basis to justify his presence. I expect to see him leave at any moment to meet, God only knows who and why. I do not care! I clearly understand his presence. He leads ‘Dragon Team’ that of the former, Julian Domy. Personally recruiting their troops is part of the tradition of group leaders. Even if this guy does not put me at ease, I imagine him to be very professional and straight. In my opinion he is too ‘direct’ for an intuitive guy like me. But, hey, he is not my boss!

Ross Knifer from the ‘Dragon Team’ and pretty Mariko part of the ‘Angel Team’ are with us. Both are known to be particularly efficent with knives and their bare hands. Mariko, always smiling, gives the impression of being quiet charming and serene. She speaks many languages including Japanese. Ross, a tall guy standing at 1m 90, has muscles that raise no doubt as to his potential. In fact, I am the less impressive mercenary of the organization! Hmmm! Will have to transform to look more ‘Apparently dangerous’ (PS: think about buying figure hugging super hero tights or super villain, depending on availability).

2 psychics are involved in the mission: Alex Frost and Susan Jensen. Alex Frost has the arrogance of a young person. He imagines that he is immortal and that nothing and no one is more powerful than him. He believes his psychic ability gives him more rights than other people. Surely he has watched to many of those films where superheroes destroy entire buildings with ease. Like most, he is disillusioned. Like him, millions of people think they have more value and more rights than others. And that is just too many ‘demigods’ for such a small planet. His ideals and convictions directly affect the use of his gift. Frost disrupts the mind by instilling the feeling of being ‘chilled with fear’. Just as we become cold when something frightening happens, he can give us the perception that following events will be lethal. The effect is often complete disarray and prevents a person from acting sanely.

I have know Suzanne for many years. She and my buddy John Younes had fallen in love 3 years ago. They live together in Seattle. The couple were living happily until disease began to weaken Suzanne. Leukemia, irreparably using this happy young woman. Despite all attempts, no treatment has been successful. Chemo, as with most, only makes her weaker. All the finances of John and Suzanne have melted into medical expenses. Since her diagnosis, John undertakes one mission after another. Although he claims to the contrary, he seeks to flee his beloved so that he does not see what is consuming her. Some imagine mercenaries not to have a heart or feelings, but we cry the same as anyone else.

Suzanne, despite her weakness, still uses her gifts to work with us. She uses her ability to identify a person and guess their intentions. This seems trivial, but knowing that a person has a hidden weapon may be useful. During the flight, she confesses that she flees their home a bit like John. When she sees John leaving again it destroys her body as surely as the disease. She tries to take time to live a little fuller. The announcement of her leukemia does nothing to reduce her ability. Although Handel didn’t like to use her talents for fear of too much tiredness, Suzanne had insisted on coming. She argued primarily on the fact that she was in safety and that her capacity would reduce the number of possible ‘surprises’. Her smile and her tenacity were a match for the cold Handel.


Our Japanese driver arrives to take us to Neogun‘s tower. How can people live in such a big city? A life of artificial light and concrete. Her flat is on the 43rd floor. Our local contacts assure us that she never comes home before 20:00. This gives us enough time to go to her home and remove any potential risk. Lock picking, placing cameras and neutralizing dangerous objects should take us half an hour. Suzanne will point out any threats.


Here we go, she’s coming. Mariko and Knifer wait in NeoGun’s flat.


The operation is a complete success. We are back at the hotel. I take this quiet moment to summarize the adventure.

We were waiting in an free apartment in the same building, when she returned home. From our vantage point, we were monitoring everything, and informed in real time Mariko and Knifer about the woman’s position. After checking her emails, she undressed and threw clothes across her bedroom. She put a futuristicly designed gun on her bed. She seemed angry and talked to herself as she walked toward the shower. When the water began to flow, Mariko came out of hiding to remove any bullets from her gun and replace them with dummy ammunition. While gently returning to her place, she may have made a noise.

Seconds later, NeoGun was out of the shower on the lookout. Completely naked, she rushed to her gun and snapped into a defensive position against a wall. As agreed during our preparations, Alex Frost began his psychic’s action. Seeing through the camera was enough to influence her. NeoGun’s attitude changed radically. She began to panic without apparent reason, committing incredible indiscretions. We watched her crying, as if she spoke to ghosts. After trying unsuccessfully to fire in all directions, she even threw her gun at a mirror. Then she went into the rest of the apartment in search of what frightened her so much. Ross and Mariko came out of their hiding places. Neogun’s reaction was instinctive and Ross fell on the ground, holding his crotch. Mariko easily neutralized NeoGun while asking her to calm down in perfect Japanese.

On our arrival, Neogun had calmed down. Sitting on the sofa, she was wearing a blue satin gown, creased with her folded arms. Her eyes showed a mixture of residual fear and questioning. Mariko was behind her and watched as Ross Knifer searched the freezer for an ice pack. Handel stood before and stared intensely to capture her attention. Then he began to tell her everything. How and why we had come to her, about psychics, of the secret society called the Organization and the regulatory role it played. He also explained the work that was expected of her and then ended with a final argument. Her choice was to stay here and be chased by the Yakuza for the rest of her days or change her life, by joining the Organization. She was no longer fearful and accepted the words of Handel .

I slept on the plane. I was hoping once again of a dreamless sleep. But my desire could not contend with the wishes of my unconscious. My dreams showed me a powerful underwater volcanic eruption giving rise to a tsunami. Coastal cities of Japan were overwhelmed by the waves. I could hear clearly the plight of people already hard hit by an earthquake, their emotions changed to terror on seeing the ensuing flood. Like many of my dreams, I was both spectator and participent. I went from one perspective to another with no control. It was a change from my usual nightmares of war and a fight against a faceless enemy. I do not yet have the necessary knowledge, but I already have a theory. The guilt of having shed Virgo and the girl’s blood, and disappointing Ivana is making me throw myself into being the ‘Savior of mankind’. Part of me is trying to feel responsible for the entire world and push me to act… Probably in hope that I will have a second chance to please Ivana.

Ross Knifer’s virility has now recovered and he’d already tried a ‘tactical approach’ with NeoGun, under Marikos amused gaze. Suzanne told me that NeoGun did not issue a protest when she heard certain ‘details’. She accepted the tracking chip in her wrist and received her injection of the ‘universal antivirus serum’. An advanced technology that only a few privileged have the ‘right to use’. Looking at Suzanne summed up her situation, I see her illness and despite her good humor and smile, she is in rapid decline. The serum changes nothing for her. The death that took young Julian was already weighing heavy on sweet Suzanne. We are all unique human beings, irreplaceable. Not one of us is like another. I am firmly convinced of this. But… I see that when we leave this world, our place does not stay vacant for long.

Lastest news… The tsunami warning has been lifted. It was a only a half metre ripple. Everyone was safe, for now anyway.