‘Your prophet should check his crystal ball. I found nothing special about this guy. The agent called Alva has no special ability that suggests he will become a psychic’. Sergei listened carefully to the voice of the young woman who appeared on the big screen at the opposite side of his office. ‘Did you do all the necessary tests?’ he asked her anyway. ‘Yes sir, when he was fully under our control, it was impossible for him to hide any information, or to decide not to cooperate fully. He was no different to anyone else, we found nothing out of the ordinary’.

‘Okay’. Said Sergei ‘You’ve done good work. I’ll reply later. Can you ask Handel to return to his home base as soon as possible?’ ‘Yes sir!’ The woman replied. Sergei Ivanov made a slight nod of the head by way of goodbye and cut off the connection. Alicia G had confirmed what he already suspected. Two things, either, the prophet was lying to him or he at least hiding some information. Whatever, he knew enough to make the decision that a private conversation with Panopeus was urgently needed.

Once more, Panopeus faced the screens, with the eyes of Sergei baring down on his neck. This time, Ulrich could not find any good words to say. ‘Mr Panopeus, you must provide more convincing details about the truth of your visions.’ Where the first words he heard. Ulric paused, then replied ‘Give me more time to have new ones. Some details still elude me about agent Alva, But… ‘. ‘We do not need your weak apology’ said screen 5. ‘The situation is already too complex. Are you able to play your role or not? After further analysis of Ivana Ivanov and taking into account her unique genetic heritage, we feel it is possible that she can become the source of a new generation of psychics. However, we need to know more about the potential father. Do whatever is necessary Panopeus’.

One after another, the screens went out, leaving a comforting silence. Ulric grinned when he realized that his head would not fall today. The Quorum still needed him and his visions. He calmly turned to Sergei. The latter looked at his glass of vodka as if seeing it for the first time. He motioned for Ulrich to come and sit in the chair opposite his, then took out his phone. Sergei only said few sentences to the person unknown to Ulric, but what worried Panopeus, was the simple fact that these words were spoken in Russian.

Sergei placed his phone and glass down very slowly, then he turned his body slightly towards Panopeus. ‘Should I use an external ways to extract from you the information that is of interest to me? Or will you finally tell me what I want to know by your own means?’ Ulric was not sure, but he felt a slight breeze indicating that someone had just entered the room.


Hiraku Kanamori was proud to impress so many people. The first day he spoke 3 different languages in front of strangers from all over Japan. The second day, they asked him to fly a helicopter. The third day, he disassembled and reassembled several assault rifles, defused a dummy bomb and passed an exam on military tactics.

He had never done this at any time during his life, but only by taking pills, had this knowledge been printed deep within him. As if he had been trained over several years. The following 3 days, they had forbidden him to leave the building and acted strangely towards him. Nobody gave him any new pills but he underwent many tests. Hiraku could no longer perform any feats of the days before and he felt frustrated.

The Yakuza gave him no privacy, not even to pass urine and faeces for tests. On the 7th day, they simply asked him to return home, saying they would send him money. Since then, nothing!

Hiraku wanted to repeat the feats again and again. So he searched the Internet for information on similar ‘topics’. He had, as discreetly as possible found something about Instant knowledge in many technological forums. The answers were all the same. Nobody believed in the existence of such pills. However, that morning, a strange email arrived. The sender was called ‘Loki’ and title of the message was ‘Instant Knowledge technology really exists’.