Sergei Ivanov violently banged his fist on the table. Someone had betrayed them! This was no longer in doubt. The mission, mounted in collaboration with the CIA had proved to be the biggest fiasco in a long time. Someone must have warned the Koreans of their presence at the base. It was the only plausible explanation, but who had an interest in thwarting this mission? The main objective was for the U.S. to infiltrate and sabotage the nuclear base in Korea and for us to recover a high level prophet. This left only two possibilities. Either the betrayal came from the U.S, from someone seeking to protect the Korean nuclear project or it came from the heart of the Organization, indicating that someone did not want to see another prophet. Then a final question came to mind, why did Panopeus not foresee the failure of this mission?

Ulric Panopeus had been called to an emergency meeting in one of the Organization’s mansions. While under the suspicious eyes of Sergei Ivanov, he gazed upon 11 screens. There was a lot on the line for Ulric, maybe even his life. Each screen displayed a blurred image in order to maintain the anonymity of the other 11 members of the quorum. However, their voices, their intonations full of reproaches where sharp and clear. Although he already knew 4 of them personally, it was impossible to determine who the others were.

‘Mr Panopeus, tell us why, with your visions always so clear, we failed during the operation in Korea?’ The first question asked by screen number 3 set the tone. ‘Are you asking me why… foreknowledge is not a gadget with a remote control?’ he replied. ‘Do not play it with us. The situation is serious! Serious for you! Respond simply and clearly!’ Where the orders from screen 4.

Panopeus told himself that his usual strategy would not work this time. The quorum was waiting for a clear explanation and he had to provide them with satisfactory answers. The sword of Damocles hung above his head, everyone knew it. He instantly recollected one of his ancient vision, feeling that it seemed appropriate to disclose at this time.

‘If I tell you that I think new types of psychics will emerge in the near future. And if I tell you that the first of these will create the most charismatic mystique that the Earth has ever known?’ A long silence that fell, Panopeus’ words had had the desired effect. The information had aroused both fear and interest.

‘Go on’. This time the tone of screen 4 wasn’t so threatening, there was more a sense of impatience. ‘I’m sorry for not having detected the failure of the last mission, but I had to be sure of the validity and credibility of my visions before talking to you. My visions are both complex, numerous and uncontrollable, I can do nothing else but to see the identity of the two future “super psychics”’

Once again, a few seconds of silence filled the room. ‘The two potentials are already part of the Organization. The so-called Alva and Ivana Ivanov are not only compatible for this union, they are also more likely to move towards this new breed of psychic abilities as a result of things that have passed’. Without turning, Ulric slowly smiled, imagining the surprise on Sergei Ivanov’s face.

Julian Domy opened his eyes. The pain he felt was already making him regret having regained consciousness. The white room smelt strongly of disinfectant and a drip stuck in his right arm soon helped him understand that he was in a hospital.

A man in a white shirty with small glasses walked through the door. ‘I see you’re awake. That’s great, but you still have to rest. I will increase your dose of morphine. I am truly sorry about your left arm, but your injuries where too severe. We had no choice I’m afraid’. Julian smiled, but didn’t understand why the doctor was saying this. However, his reassuring voice made him feel better, which was enough for now. One thing did worry him though, the doctor’s Korean accent.