As usual, I was where I was told to be. I was waiting in a cafe, a hot cappuccino before me. As usual, I was waiting for the details of the mission. The orders arrived, this time in a particularly tight-fitting dress with a dreamy silhouette. I felt time slowing down just enough so I didn’t miss anything. The silhouette belonged to a tall smiling blonde who looked like a mannequin out of a luxury boutique. She looked flexible as she approached and certainly knew how to walk. No doubt about it, the organization now recruited from model agencies.


Wondering if she was hiding a weapon, I took (I confess) a delight in a strip of light that revealed a little more of her to me. I had no complaints. No unsightly bulge deformed her skin-tight purple dress. As she approached, I almost forgot why we where meeting here. For a few seconds, there was only this beautiful blonde and me. She carried a bag containing luxury shoes, stopped in front of me, handed me an envelope then kissed my mouth and said with a girlish smile. ‘Hi, Alva, I’m ‘Purple Lady’, you’re my guardian angel and for the next few hours you have only one job. Watch my butt while I execute this contract’. It seemed clear that she knew how to quickly ally herself with men.

We moved 3 times to different cafés before finding one she liked. This one was like a museum. Large painting on the walls, wooden tables and impeccable service. I watched quietly as envious eyes glanced our way. I could almost feel what they thought. This guy must be full of money to have a woman so beautiful with him. I must admit that my blue jeans and leather jacket clashed considerably with the class of this pretty blonde. Because I know I do not look like a bodyguard, I began to imagine what customers in this very select location were thinking about my talents as a man… elsewhere. The idea made me smile and I took the opportunity to launch a quick glance toward my partner for this mission. The idea of sex with her seemed attractive to me. While quietly sipping her green tea, her phone rang. She raised her eyebrows, smiled and gave me a little ‘ah, that’s for us’. After a few ‘yes’’ combined with knowing looks as if we had known each other for several years, she hung up and said that ‘our gifts are waiting for us’.

According to Purple’s instructions, the taxi dropped us at a large shopping center. She took my arm calling me ‘dear’ in a bourgeois tone and we headed towards the entrance. I quickly noticed a woman with a hat holding a similar bag to that of my partner, heading directly towards us. Without even warning me, Purple turned to me and kissed me full on the mouth, saying. ‘What about buying me jewelry to go with my shoes?’. Although I thought she was overdoing it, I could only shrug my shoulders, and say to myself ‘Why not’. After this, she turned quickly toward the woman heading towards us and stared with a smile. I saw panic in the eyes of the woman with the hat. I’m no telepath, however I thought ‘What is that stupid bitch doing ? Exchanges never happen like this’.

When the woman was next to her, Purple said ‘I really love those shoes, so be a good girl and tell ‘them’ that I’ll have them later’. She smiled at the woman and without waiting longer said  ‘Then, will you give me your bag?’ They made the exchange, there in front of everyone, without taking any precautions. Then, watching the woman with the hat leave, she smiled and said ‘Youngsters, they are lost without their procedures!’ I began seriously to wonder who I’d been teamed up with. I must admit, what the future sequence of events could be, worried me a little.

The documents given to Purple Lady gave little information about the status of our target. A photo showed a 70 year old man , whereas the information provided in the appendix showed that he was only 53. Married, no children and working in genetic research. An accurate plan of his apartment revealed the location of each cabinet and a safe. Personally, I did not want to know more about this guy. Merely to know his name already seemed shady. The bag recovered by Purple contained a shoe box and 2 envelopes. Purple gave me the one with my name and kept hers. Mine just ordered me to ensure Purple’s job, then report without delay. She asked me, half smiling if I was ordered to liquidate her after. I decided to read her the letter then give it to her. I always liked situations as simple as possible. She made a comment ‘very difficult mission… will you be able to do that?’

Purple put gloves on to match her purple dress and opened the shoe box. She pulled out a 9mm with a silencer and handed it to me saying: ‘Take it, only use it if grandpa tries to give me a caning! After all, you’re also here to watch over me’. In her gloved hand, she placed the second object, saying ‘that’s my toy’. An ancient dagger of great elegance awaited the orders of its mistress.

This poor guy had no chance. When he arrived back to his apartment, we were already waiting for him. He seemed only half surprised to be in the presence of his executors. His first words were to beg us to save his wife. Given the lack of response on our part, he said then that he was a renowned geneticist and he owned a safe with $100 000 in cash. He went on talking about his work and we learned that it could accelerate the growth of a human being, reducing 20 years to only one. Then he told us that his only fault was to creating technology useful to mankind.

Purple slowly approached him. She stopped smiling. The dagger out of her bag faster than lightning. A second later, 3 small spots of blood appeared. The man staggered and slumped down into hi chair. I watched without understanding why she made him suffer for nothing. She was visibly able to hit wherever she needed to, but refused to deal a deadly blow. She finally pierced his heart and dropped the knife near the corpse. Wasting no time, she went to the safe, entered the combination. She retrieved a list from her bag and only selected some of jewelry. She took nothing else.

Regaining her smile, she walked toward me and said a military tone. ‘Mission accomplished chief, what’s the next target?’. My cold gaze made her clearly understand what I thought of her humor. With raised eyebrows she confessed. ‘You know best? As it looks like a crime of passion, his wife will be accused… Don’t you think it’s funny?’.

I found this psychopath neither funny nor sexy anymore and even wondered if at some point, I ought to put a bullet in her head.