I do not know how I got there. How could I fly from my bed to China without having moved? My very last memory having the impression of dozing off when a deafening roar surprised me. I felt an unpleasant sensation like an electrical current flowing through me while I lay stunned, followed by an impression of rapid movement. Then I opened my eyes in the park, appearing to be in a large Chinese city.


Sitting on a stone ledge, a young Asian was looking ahead. Everything around her seemed calm. A calm and a light, perfectly conducive to peace and meditation filled this place. I physically felt the brightness taking over me and it eased my suspicions. The young woman turned to me and smiled, then someone said behind my back. ‘Hello Alva, what a perfect time to have a walk!’

The newcomer looked a little like Angelina Jolie, it was probably something in her smile and her blue eyes, she was beaming. As she approached her colourful robe waved. A slight breeze accentuated the floating tissue like material. I got up out of courtesy. Every step she made towards me, I felt deep inside my body. A contagious serenity radiated from within her. Despite this feeling of fullness, my suspicion began to return. My eyes looked for a potential trap. Then I thought about a psychic influence. Even if I do not know any psychic able of carrying a man in this way, anything was possible. Before I asked her name, she replied with a gracious smile that I could call her ‘Angelina. In a way, she reassured me that she was worthy of this name. After all, she looked great and I love people who can be identified clearly with someone else.

Obviously, I was dealing with a telepath of the highest level. Moments before I verbalized my thoughts, she replied that I had not been drugged. We just sat in the cool grass and began to talk. I told myself that the best way to understand her was to open a friendly discussion. She spoke to me with a reassuring spontaneity. She told me of her travels, her meetings, how she travelled the world and helped people wherever possible. Her last trip had been traveling through India and Tibet. She spoke as much about the need for freedom of the Tibetans as the need for control of the Himalayan water of the Chinese people. She supported both parties and refused to demonize either of them. She tried to do her best to help people to develop as part of the same family. Humanity.

‘Thats enough about me’. She said smiling, ‘I’d like to know more about you. Tell me about your life, your dreams’. Quite naturally, as if no part of my life was unknown to her, I began to tell her about my past as a mercenary, my actions, my doubts about the soundness of my choices and even Ivana. I was content to tell her my story without any need for justification. Her gentle and friendly voice invited me to recount all the events that were buried deep in my memory. She sometimes added to one of my memories by making a point, as if she had lived it too. Her eyes looked down into mine without the slightest notion of a desire to violate my privacy. She seemed to see my soul… and yet, not hold anything against me.

While chatting, I noticed a large group of protesters nearby. Angelina explained that they were peasants. Their lands were seized by the government for economic and industrial needs. Insufficient compensation had led them here, to ask for more. Our conversation was well underway when suddenly, from nowhere, the local police opened fire on them. The screams echoed quickly and the protesters started running in all directions. My eyes leapt up, seeking a place of retreat. I saw a stranger in the west standing and a few policemen pointing their fingers at us. As the 3 of them approached, she calmly took my hand and led me to some nearby trees. Seeing our rapid attempt to slip away, the police screamed to us and ran in our direction. As soon as we were out of sight, she said. ‘Close your eyes and trust me!’ I did so without saying a word.

On opening my eyes, I realized that we were… somewhere else. In a deserted street. This time, I felt nothing. Neither the electrical sensation nor the feeling of movement. She said smiling. ‘Can I offer you tea? I know a nice place nearby’. Though still confused, I could not refuse an invitation so kindly proposed. A short walk later, we reached a street full of vendors and restaurants. ‘Here’ she said pointing to a tiny place with tables outside. The place was crowded, but two places became free just as we arrived. I gallantly pulled out her chair and then I sat in mine.

Our tea arrived quickly, only a few minutes after we ordered it. When we came to pay, I saw Angelina extend her hand toward the person who was serving us. I could have sworn that her hand was empty, but a sum of money equivalent to the price of our order was suddenly there. On seeing my astonishment, she explained that she had access to everything she needed… money, food, clothing. Seeing that I was expecting ‘evidence’, she invited me to watch my steaming cup. She raised her eyebrows slyly, then she pointed to my tea. I noticed a clear ice cube growing in the center. A second later, it was cooling my drink. Stunned, I placed my lips to it, finding that the temperature was perfect and the particular flavor of green tea was divine.

When I asked how she performed these miracles, she simply replied that she was not the origin of them, but they came through her. While she was explaining this in detail, I looked at her. She may have been thirty, long brown hair, a tanned complexion and delicate hands. She radiated natural beauty and a timeless charm. Her attitude did not reveal a hidden plan. Despite this, I decided to question her over certain things.

‘Why me?’ I asked. She simply replied that I needed this meeting to clear my mind. Events, like the one we had just witnessed would intensify. Throughout the world, rumors swelled. Too many people began to see the gap between the promises of world leaders and reality. All people and all countries would be affected by such events. She explained that I had to prepare myself and that I must decide what interests I wished to serve.

A few seconds later, she seemed absorbed in thought and said that someone needed her help. With all the sweetness in the world, she invited me to get up and then follow her to the deserted street where we had previously appeared. Again she asked me to close my eyes, and uttered these words: ‘We’ll meet again, when you wish it with all your heart. Your desire will have to be thought, verbalized and implemented by deeds. But rest assured, despite your apparent loneliness, you’re not alone and you never have been. One of us will always remain close to you’. I opened my eyes again to find myself in my room, with taste of green tea in my throat.

Even after a night’s sleep, I can not stop comparing Angelina to Ivana. Both had a natural joy and simplicity which pleased me so much. I never imagined that anyone would want to harm these kind of people. This simple thought took me back a few years back. In my early days of being a mercenary, I thought my presence would protect NGOs in war zones. I thought I was better than a soldier of fortune. I never imagined that I would spend most of my time serving private interests or fighting purely for money. The worst thing is, money has never really interested me. It was very disconcerting. I did feel much better when my stomach rumbled with hunger, now that I can afford to eat caviar with every meal. However, in my case, the actions that pay for my lifestyle probably make me a lost soul.

I have thought about my meeting with Angelina. It was very similar to psychic manipulation. Considering I know at least 2 who have such influences, but at a lower level. Now though, I do not know who would be interested in controlling a henchman like me. I do not know what to think about that. I must stay lucid and alert while remaining open to all possibilities. After all, I’ve seen enough things in my time not to limit my opinion to what is deemed as ‘reasonably’ acceptable by those who pretend to know everything.