‘Do you really believe there was no other choice?’ Alexander Villas asked as he sat on a very poorly made wooden chair. ‘What could we do?’ Sergei Ivanov replied. ‘Let him disclose the results of his research throughout the scientific community and allow another secret society access to his knowledge? And what do you think they would have done? Stop being so naive! They would have kept this knowledge for themsleves, waiting for the right moment to use it’.

Alex watched his longtime friend carefully. Time did not seem to take a toll on him. Nothing changed, not his face or his ideals. In recent months they met in secret, in this small property between Los Angeles and San Diego, far from prying eyes. Alex felt the need to express his doubts to someone and no one else but Sergei could understand. He sought some form of reassurance, of stability in this world of permanent turmoil.

‘And you, what would you do?’ Sergei continued, ‘let him tell the whole world that immortality is technologically possible? That we can create a complete human for replacement of organs or to repair an injured body? Think of the effect this kind of discovery would have on everyone. Imagine a world with billions of people who think they can live forever, only to breed and to consume everything. They are animals and should be considered this way. When mankind is able to control its primal impulses and understand, then, this kind of technology will be useful’.

‘You’re probably right Sergei’ Alex replied ‘They are animals and we are Gods’. Then he got up, walked to the door and said ‘I hope that history will not judge us too harshly for what we will do’. ‘Do not worry Alex, history is often written under the guidance of people who make it. Rarely by those that suffered from it’.

A few seconds later Alex crossed eyes with Sergei in the mirror, then decided to hide them behind his sunglasses. He left the building, sighing heavily. Then drove away in his Ferrari California while thinking that in a short time, life would probably be quite different… for him and for everyone else.

Sergei watched as his friend left quickly. Alex’s Morale was declining rapidly, it was now obvious. He must find a way to help solve Alex’s existential problems before the others detected them. Being weak and part of the 12 quorum is fatal. Nobody, not even the ‘Prophet’ seemed to doubt his weakness and this is how it should remain. Alex Villas and Ulric Panopeus must not meet for fear of jeopardizing his plans. Sergei was regretting only having one prophet able to see the future. But then he thought that surely it must be possible to find someone like Panopéus. An old face came to mind. A man with his own powerful visions… visions far beyond those of Panopeus.

Maria moved away from the arms of her lover with a happy sigh. She thought she had everything a woman could desire. She was young, beautiful, gifted in her ability to read the thoughts of everyone. The frequent absence of her rich husband allowed her to use the virility of her young lover more often, as well as his bank account to buy whatever she pleased.

‘Get dressed’ she said ‘’My husband could return home at any time’. The young man complied without protest. Maria observed his muscular body with pleasure. He looked like an ancient gladiator. Great, powerful and… scarred. She appreciated the side of him that had survived such injuries. This was in complete contrast with the sweetness of his youthful face. She had no romantic feelings towards him, but his presence made her feel that she mattered to someone.

‘When can we meet again?’ He asked in a surprisingly gentle voice. ‘As soon as possible… As soon as your boss, my husband tells me he must go away on one of his many escapades. Alternatively, when he decides to fuck a starlet in one of his many openings that he never invites me to’. She instantly regretted the tone of her last sentence. She felt the thoughts of her lover and became aware that he had knew she was using him sexually in revenge against her husband. Then she thought. Never mind, after all, I am Maria Villas, nobody can tell me what to do.

As he finished getting dressed, he tried his best to hide his pain, but the pain was increasing because of guilt. The woman he was in love with did not feel the same and he was betraying the man who had saved him when he was no one. He thought that everybody should nickname him the ‘Traitor’ rather than ‘Cold Blade’.

He suddenly missed Svetlana and her constant good humor. She always knew what to do and never doubted her choices. After escaping from the orphanage together and knowing one another for several years, they then lost touch. A large modeling agency had noticed her beauty, so he felt that his presence was a distraction and left. He purposely fell out with her for love, to be sure she only needed to worry about her own needs and that she would be happy for long time. He remembered well her eyes full of tears, surrounded by her short blonde hair. That was 5 years ago now. 5 years during which he was hoping to see her again, to ask her forgiveness for breaking her heart.

He thought that God was testing him to compensate for his faults. However, each of his choices led him to commit further acts that he was not proud of and ultimately, to betray those he loved. He cast a last glance at Maria Villas and then left the room. After closing the door, he shut his eyes and murmured quietly. ‘God almighty, give me strength to improve. May your wisdom guide each of my recent acts. Forgive me of my sins and grant Svetlana a life full of happiness’.

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