Feeling vibrations and having the sense of rapid movement, a feeling he was getting used to, Alva found himself on the edge of a high cliff, overlooking a shimmering sea. The glistening water announced the end of a hot day and a slight breeze was cooling the air that smelt a little of iodine. Despite the setting and the fact that the temperature was perfect, he did not feel comfortable enough to relax and enjoy the moment. He felt her presence before seeing her. She hailed him with a smile as bright as sincere. Angelina leaned on his shoulder while standing on his left. They stood there for several minutes gazing at the ocean’s horizon.

‘Who are you, really?’ Ventured Alva. ‘You, who arrive the moment it is obvious I need you?’ Angelina’s blue eyes twinkled with mischief when she retorted ‘Who do you want me to be? An angel, a phantasm, a human, a soul-sister or perhaps simply a projection of a part of you? Whatever you choose Alva, will suit me’. Alva lowered his head, with a smile on his face at the many possibilities. He told himself that he cared very little for such a response… At least for now. He watched her carefully again. One part of him loved her and desired to merge with her, her physical contact seemed so natural and so comfortable, yet it seemed impossible to define what kind of relationship the two of them actually had.

A rumble of thunder brought Alva’s attention back to Angelina’s harmonious face. Their eyes crossed, they smiled and turned calmly. Not far away, a flash of lightening indicated a storm would soon arrive. The color of the horizon began to change, then a second flash followed by bellowing thunder announced it’s arrival was now imminent.

‘What do you think about the nature of psychics?’ Questioned Alva, while watching the clouds close in at high speed.

‘What should I be thinking?’ Replied Angelina ‘Like all of us, they are here to live, grow and fulfill their duties’. With an amused tone, he wispered gently in her ear ‘I find your answers a little vague and evasive. You are never clear, often, you do not respond with a straight forward answer’. She swayed her head from left to right then with a false surprise ‘No… I find my answers pretty clear, but, well… I’ll let you develop your own assumptions… Go ahead, say whatever you wish’.

Alva hesitated a few seconds and then dove in ‘Ok, I think there are two main kinds of psychics. The altruistic, like Ivana. The kind who help in the progress of humanity. On the other hand, we have the selfish ones, like Arthur Levos, confident that their abilities give them additional privileges and they probably cause more chaos and destruction than already exists in this world. However, I do ask myself ‘why now?’, but I don’t know the answer. After all, I assume that mankind has always contained people who are particularly gifted in telepathy or telekinesis…’

A gust of cold wind interrupted their discussion. Dark clouds were almost on top of them. Some birds passed close, trying to find shelter in the crevices of the cliff. Alva suggested ‘Perhaps we should follow them, and find a place to shelter’. Angelina looked up at the sky, as she did, a droplet of water landed in the middle of her forehead. As the rain fell harder they both began to laugh. Then, Angelina gently raised her hand and the rain seemed to stop abruptly. The wind calmed and a soft glow enveloped an area of about ten feet around them.

‘So you are also able to protect us from the weather’. Alva said softly. ‘No, as I’ve already said, I am no more able to perform this miracle than you’. She retorted. ‘But I clearly saw you raise your hands to control the elements and protect us’ he insisted.

Angelina turned to face Alva closely, taking his hands into hers and uttered softly. ‘I am not the source of these miracles. I know that you think this is impossible. I think you would  like me to share with you the magic spell I use to do this and to do that. But, I am sorry to tell you, that there aren’t any! When you understand this, such miracles will pass through you too’.

Angelina got up suddenly, looking at the horizon as if the sea itself had just called her. The rain had stopped falling around their circle of light. The sky was clearing and the first stars twinkled like diamonds in the sky. Alva stood up in turn and questioned her. ‘What’s going on? Do you see something wrong?’ She shook her head and answered ‘You have to go right now, your presence is required elsewhere’. Alva wrinkled his brows in astonishment, but Angelina continued anyway. ‘Oh, don’t you notice anything about the grass at our feet? Touch it, you can feel it is wet… But I’ll explain later if you wish, why you and I are not… Now close your eyes and your body will return. We will see each other soon if you wish’. Alva obeyed glancing one last time at the wet grass.

Three heavy blows resounded. Alva opened his eyes and stood up quickly from the sofa. While approaching the door, he grabbed the holster that hung casually over the edge of a wooden chair and pulled out his caliber. With a quick glance he looked at the monitor mounted on the wall. The camera overlooking the door showed a familiar face wearing a hat covered with snow. Alva smiled, shouting ‘One second, I’m coming’. He quickly returned his gun and concealed it all under his leather jacket  hanging over the loan wood stove.

He then grabbed a key and unlocked the door. As soon as it was open, a tall young man came in with outstretched arms. ‘It makes me happy to see you again Alva. You remember you told me that if I needed anything, I could come and find you?’ Alva returned his hug, while remembering perfectly Ignacio Lorenzo the psychic, known by everyone as ‘Lorenzo Bad Luck’.

Ignacio Lorenzo rubbed his hands vigorously before the fire. His bags still sat in the entrance, but he already felt like he was at home. His glasses, held together by a piece of black tape, made him look like a little brat, but his boyish smile and spontaneous nature showed that he was frankly… friendly. This tall, thin fellow, about 2 meters looked around Alva’s old stone house, touching each beam to make sure of their fastnesses. The main room was more or less 70m2. Exposed beams, the dark colour of the oak contrasted with the yellow stone walls. Only a few swords and old duelling guns decorated the place. Alva’s house was not unlike its owner. Simple, friendly and very isolated from the rest of the world.

‘Hey, your home is great’. Said Ignacio ‘Do you live with a wife and kids or maybe all this space is just for you? You got how many rooms here?’ While preparing the coffee in the adjoining room, Alva replied ‘The house has 5 bedrooms, the living room where you are, and my office on the top floor’.

Ignacio felt comfortable with Alva. The words just came to him, he didn’t feel worried in saying ‘What… an office in your profession? You got tons of paperwork? What did you write about me?’ Ignacio asked while entering the kitchen. Alva turned to the newcomer and saw with relief that a few millimeters separated the top of Ignacio’s head and the doorway. Ignacio smiled upon entering the kitchen. It reminded him a little of his home country, Italy and it’s sun. Despite very small windows, so typical of old houses in the center of France, a gentle Mediterranean atmosphere reigned in the room.

There was probably a reason for the orange-yellow paint, but whatever the reason, it made the place conducive to good cooking. The work surface measured about 3 meters. A dozen bottles of different oils, vinegars and other ingredients was divided among the shelves. Ignacio inwardly congratulated himself for having chosen to come to this house.

While Alva held in one hand a tray containing two porcelain coffee cups, a cake-house and a box of sugar, Ignacio suggested kindly ‘You know I’ve made tremendous progress in the mastery of my art. Look what I can do…’ The kilo box of sugar jumped up and hovered about 30 centimeters above the tray. This completely unbalanced everything, tipping the tray to one side and immediately spilling the porcelain, coffee and chocolate marble cake. Purely by instinct, Ignacio used his psychokinetic ability to stop the cake falling. Unfortunately, the rest crashed to the ground, all broken. The coffee splashed over the pants of two men as well as the furniture. A split second later, the box of sugar smashed to the ground. Dozens of small red pieces scattered all over the kitchen.

During the silence that followed they could almost hear a snow flake fall. Alva smiled and bowed his head. Ignacio, red with shame, apologized but asked where he could find the broom and mop. Alva stopped him by shaking his finger and asked him only to take the cake to the wood table in the main room. Very gently, the giant complied.

Just as he passed through the door way, a thud indicated an object had fallen, followed by a soft ‘Merda’. At that moment, Alva imagined a small demonic voice was ordering him to throw out the giant ‘disaster’… Before it was too late.

February 1st 2010 (Journal of Alva)

Why did I say yes?… I know him enough to know that everything will go wrong when he is around. He may be charming and helpful, but this guy is a living nightmare! He already caused me huge problems in the Italian casino. Somehow, he will get into trouble. I will assume that. Of course, his intentions are laudable. They always are! But this does not avoid the bullshit… If I remember correctly, at our last meeting, I lost a tooth and all my cash. Why did I say ‘yes’, obviously I need to remind myself of what happened before.

It all started like many other missions. Ignacio Lorenzo had just completed a large number of examinations at the local branch of the discrete World Genetic Labs. His results showed clearly that his potential telepathic ability was promising, but from his psychological profile, he appeared to be unstable and immature. (In hindsight, I should probably have questioned the results of Ignacio’s tests in more detail before I took him in as a friend?… hmm! Maybe there is a lesson in this for me!). Anyway, I was accompanied by Ignacio Lorenzo in a car and we were heading to his home in Venice, Italy. Three days of gigs, including two days of road, nothing shocking!

Saying he is talkative is an understatement. He did not stop the entire trip. As usual, he asked me tons of questions without listening to the answers. But the worst thing was when we arrived in Venice. He insisted on playing in a casino. Jubilant at the idea of winning at roulette and dice. What an idiot I was! It didn’t take a rocket scientist to doubt the intentions of a guy that can influence materials when there was the temptation of easy money.

It wasn’t long before the Casino’s ‘Gorillas’ came. Ignacio won every time. Initially, they just asked us to leave the premises quietly and it would have ended at that. But this big boy did not see it this way… Believing in his true rights, he slapped the first gorilla who was twice his size. The man was quick to respond, but thanks to his gift, Ignacio swerved instantly. Fortunately for him, unfortunate for me, the shot was deflected, surprised me and knocked me out cold. I regained consciousness in one of the casino offices with a bleeding mouth and a tooth in my pocket. Ignacio told me that he had given them all of my cash to calm their spirits and avoid the worst.

I suppose that some god wants me to pay for my life’s mistakes… A violent death would be fair enough. But I guess I should be grateful for this situation. Lorenzo and his catastrophes may be sent by God to give me the opportunity to become better… But damn! How, after what happened before, did he convince me so easily to have him as a guest in my house?