We landed in Sydney, Australia and for the first few hours were welcomed by golf ball sized hailstones. I expected more of a southern winter, warm and dry, but not this! Anyway, this mission had already started badly. I have to work again with Purple Lady. Despite my protests to Handel, nothing has changed. His argument was that the situation is urgent and we must combine elements of various teams and learn to work together.

In the jet, Purple sent me a little glance. She and Mariko remained together throughout the entire flight. Watching them, I wondered if their relationship was more than just friendly. They seemed particularly close, and Mariko seemed quite ‘cuddly’. This is not my business, but it was difficult for me to consider Purple as a lesbian. The way she was acting seemed so different from what I saw during our first meeting.

On exiting the jet, Jessica Armoni, a telepath that I recruited, welcomed us. We are here to convince a 25 year old psychokinesith to join the Organization. His name is Arthur Levos. He is adept in the luxuries of easy money and beautiful women. He spent a year in jail for fraud. Since then, he became a thief and murderer. He is wanted by many criminal gangs. In a nutshell, we are here to offer him a new life. A long life on earth with us or endure hell constantly running from the Mafia.

2 days ago, Levos had deceived 4 gangsters and stole diamonds from them. We have videos showing him at work during his crime. I must admit that his method is developed, even if he does not wear a balaclava to hide his face. The recordings on surveillance cameras clearly reveal this to us. He uses a Glock, a mini camera and a video receiver. With his Telekinetic ability, he moves his weapon a few yards ahead. This gives the impression of a ‘possessed’ or ‘living’ gun that takes the risk in his place. The camera allows him to watch at corners. I think we are dealing with a man who doesn’t just think he is James Bond, he fully believes it. I don’t know enough about him to make more of an assessment than that.

Falconi called me to confirm that Levos would be present in a Sydney nightclub tonight, situated in Cockle Bay Wharf. Arthur Levos was not difficult to find. The GPS of his leased Porsche helped us. Seated at a table, a bottle of Jack Daniels before him, he watched people dance. Seeing Levos’ profile, it was decided that a ‘charming’ approach would be more effective and less risky. So, I sat at the bar, to control all events.

I quickly noticed a large black guy who constantly watched Levos. I decided to sit slightly behind him, while keeping an eye on my teammates. My hand remained in my pocket, clasping a ‘toy’ of the ‘Organization’… A mini hypodermic stun pistol, containing a powerful sedative.

Purple crossed the room swaying. Her mastery of the dance floor was effortless. Jessica and Mariko followed her movements. While moving towards him, Purple stared at Levos. He noticed her immediately. He seemed fascinated by the sensual movement of her body. She looked like an Amazon, a formidable and determined women. She played with the light and sound to captivate her future victim. Purple approached his table smiling. She took his glass in her hand and put it to her lips while continuing to dance. She swayed her head, implying that she liked him, after which she returned the whiskey.

Delighted with this sensual invitation, he sipped at the exact spot where she had placed her lips. She pressed her face against Levos. Through my headset, I heard Purple’s clear voice whisper ‘You know Arthur, I have very good pictures of you… They are from a video where we see you dispatching 4 guys’.  She walked away from him while changing her dance to meet the new techno rhythm.

Mariko handed her the envelope containing the pictures. She returned to Levos casting a glance and made a ‘oh, bad boy!’ while handing it to him. He turned pale, looking at her in a disturbed manner. In a cold tone, he asked her what she wanted. She stopped dancing and sat down next to him. Levos looked at the pictures carefully. Mariko sat on the other side of the bench. To an outsider, it gave the impression that this guy would finish the night with 2 pretty girls.

Jessica moved across the dance floor of the Australian nightclub to join me at the bar. She told me she had captured the thoughts of Levos. He thought that Purple and Mariko worked for a man named Garrett Abbotson. He is wary of them and intends to ask his friend to help. I nodded in agreement that I suspected the same, discreetly pointing at the black guy. She confirmed it with a smile. ‘He thinks that Mariko is for him’. Arthur and he are apparently accustomed to this type of evening. A two man hunt, followed by a luxury hotel and a party for four. We later discover Arthur’s ‘help’ is in fact called Hector.

I asked her if she could tell me the place they intended to go. She said he would have to think about the subject to help her. She could not pry into his thoughts as if she was searching a bag. I suggested then that she should influence him by visualizing the place. She said ‘No’ to this, telling me that the difficulties she had in ‘listening’ were due to the music.

Suddenly the sound of Purple’s voice increases in my headset. ‘Do not waste your time, you do not have the balls to hope that you can fuck me’. I throw a quick glance at them. She was virtually sat on him, one hand clutching his crotch. Hector lost nothing on the scene, he only smiled and shook his head and ordered another glass of Mojito. Suddenly, Hector’s expression changed. He takes a piece of gum wedged between his lips and carefully watches his friend and the 2 hostesses. Jessica called me taking my arm and said. ‘He knows that Levos is in trouble’.

Hector did not miss a beat of what was happening around the VIP table. Levos threw him frequent glances. The two knew each other well. In my headset, I hear Purple clearly ‘Do not be silly, Arthur, if we wanted you dead, it would be done already. I am here to help you, to offer an attractive solution for all of us’. She suggested discussing this later in a quieter place. Without waiting for an answer, she rose and beckoned with her head. On getting up, Levos’ eyes met Hector’s for half a second. This was sufficient a signal. I moved to postion myself behind him. His physical presence was impressive. I knew I could not afford to make a mistake as the guy was 2 heads taller than me.

When Levos, with Purple on his arm passed near by, Hector looked down at his drink. As he followed the steps of Mariko, I glued the stun gun into his back. A light finger pressure was sufficient to release the narcotic. I softened his fall, smiling at revelers who were watching us. I made out that I was taking the morale ground, saying. ‘You should stop drinking on weekdays, its to much for you!’ Jessica joined me a few seconds later. I quietly took Hector’s pulse, then left him to slip into the land of dreams. Then I left the club in the arms of the beautiful young telepath.

We were to leave Sydney this morning, but the climate had other ideas. A red dust storm prevented us from leaving the country. It felt like we were on Mars. The sky is red. The visibility is too limited to take off and gusty winds make any attempt very risky. Levos has agreed to join the Organization and from what I understand he requested a minister’s salary. A particular atmosphere seems to pass between him and Purple. They speak loudly and shout at each other continuously. They do not agree on anything.

From the balcony of this beautiful hotel in Sydney, I listen to the sounds of the city. Sirens echo in the dust. An enchanting atmosphere prevails here. ‘Welcome to Mars’. Traveling from one country to another is often alienating, but here… I could not imagine leaving the ground today. A thought crosses my mind. Maybe the disruption of climate caused by humans will completely change our environment and force us to live like aliens. But aliens on our own planet. Just imagine!