NeoMercs is collectible card game set in a world of ruthless mercenaries and powerful Psychics.

It's a game for two players, where you collect and build a deck of sixty cards. These are then taken into battle in an attempt to emerge the victor. The game takes around fifteen minutes to play. It’s easy to learn and very addictive.

The game revolves around four specific types of card. These being; Character, Training, Mission and TIK cards.

Characters are made up of Mercenaries and Psychics and brought into play to undertake missions. Mercenaries fight, while Psychics generally influence the outcome of battle. Players can train their characters and use powerful TIK pills to enhance their skills when they fight.

NeoStars are the life blood of the game, and in the beginning each Player receives three. However, twelve are needed for victory and the only way to get more NeoStars is to complete missions.

Strategically build your deck, train your characters and battle to win.

To find out more about the game, check out our 'How to play' section.